Kindle Scout

Great news, my Kindle Scout submission has been approved. According to the email, my “campaign” will begin tomorrow, and last for 30 days, ending on December 10.

For an unknown author, this strikes me as a great opportunity to raise my profile and get The Poison People noticed – there are apparently six million books out there, so that would be no mean feat. It also gives me the breathing space to learn more about the marketing process, which can seem tremendously complex if you look at all the information out there. On the other hand, having already worked my way through commissioning a cover, copy-editing, formatting, etc, one thing I have already learned is that there’s no substitute for experience.

I’ll wait until the link has been activated before sharing it with you, but your support really will help – as I understand it, the more endorsements I receive the higher profile my novel receives, and the more likely it is to be noticed by other Kindle “scouts”. And remember, if I do get a contract, you get a free copy!

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