The campaign begins

Don’t worry followers, I’m not going to bombard you with campaign updates every day, but I thought I’d share my initial progress in the campaign to get my dystopian novel The Poison People nominated for Kindle Scout. If you haven’t already visited my campaign page and nominated me, here it is

So far I have received 448 page views, which has impressed me, although not, it seems, Kindle Scout, which has not placed me in its “hot and trending” list – which keeps your profile high. This strikes me as a bit odd as one random author got onto “hot and trending” the first day with 187 page views. The difference I can see is that 94 per cent of my views were from KS itself, whereas his were 35% internal/65% external, so maybe its more important for them to receive views from outside. In a sense this is logical because its an indication of your ability to attract readers from outside the KS universe. As an unknown this was always going to be my biggest struggle. All I can do is try to push it as much as possible and encourage you – friends and followers! – to share my post and visit my campaign page!

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