New blurb, by the way

As I said in my previous post, the Hidden Gems process has been a really great way to test readers expectations and face up to some of the realities pointed out to me by the professionals at Kindle – ie, I wasn’t going to get away packaging my book as straight sci-fi when it was literary fiction. I had previously been warned literary fiction didn’t sell, but I’m in this for the love, not the money (well, while there’s only the love!), and I’d much rather reach readers who knew what to expect and would appreciate what I have written, than  achieve higher sales and more disappointment. To this end, before my next round of promotion, while maintaining one “sci-fi” category, I have chosen as my other Literary Fiction. I have also re-jigged the blurb so it is much closer to what I intended, and I hope I achieved in The Poison People. The eagle-eyed will notice I have borrowed from my one-star review!

A dazzling, ingenious satire on terrorism, cults, and the conspiracy culture.

Following a childhood full of secrets, Matt only wants to blend in. But when his university friends fall prey to a terrifying illness, he begins to realise how truly different, and dangerous, he really is. The authorities are talking about terrorism, but Matt knows the truth, and it’s much, much worse. He goes on the run, joining others like him in their struggle to survive. But will it be at humanity’s expense?

With beautiful prose and mind-bending scenes of transformation, The Poison People transports the reader across continents and time in a story that melds literary fiction and sci-fi. Get ready for the trip.

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